Protego Press Daily Update (11/20/18)

SpaceX via AP

Here are the headlines of note this morning:

The United States is considering putting export controls on artificial intelligence and related technologies, an official request for public comment in the Federal Register suggests. The Commerce Department will consider the feedback before potentially making new rules that could have big implications for the major technology companies, reports Tony Romm in the Washington Post.

Oxford Professor Nick Bostrom- who penned the influential book Superintelligence- has published a  new working paper, “The Vulnerable World Hypothesis.” The paper suggests “because it’s easier for a few destructive actors to use technology to wreak catastrophic damage, humanity may be in trouble,” as Kelsey Piper notes in Vox.

Axios has published a new poll that shows Americans have soured on the social media platforms. 55% now believe the government won’t do enough to regulate big technology companies. Alison Snyder and Sara Fischer report.

Software really is eating the world, according to research.  James Bessen, Executive Director of the Technology & Policy Research Initiative at Boston University School of Law and Walter Frick, a senior editor at Harvard Business Review, look at the ways in which software combines with a number of factors to give big companies even more advantage, pondering implications for policymakers and those concerned about antitrust issues.

Want a ticket off this rock? NASA is considering selling tickets to space to tourists, reports Christian Davenport in the Washington Post. The move is part of a broader effort to commercialize the space program.



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