Protego Daily Update: 12/7/18

Here are the five stories we are following today:

Microsoft publicly urged governments around the globe to enact regulation of facial recognition, would require independent assessment of accuracy and bias, and would prohibit ongoing surveillance without a court order

Should the U.S. work with allies to call out and sanction Chinese hackers, similar to U.S.-led efforts against Russian state hackers?  That’s what Adam Segal and Lorand Laskai argue in Countering the Return of Chinese Industrial Cyber Espionage.

Ash Carter, now associated with the Technology and Public Purpose Project,  writes that, after almost 2 decades of being downsized, “It’s time to bring back the Office of Technological Assessment”   

The Australian parliament approved a measure that to thwart strong encryption, which may force tech companies to “build new capabilities” that allow access to encrypted messages.

Fred Wilson captures the argument that decentralization is the right technology arriving at the right time to solve some of the most challenging policy problems facing the tech sector right now.


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