Protego Daily Update: 12/12/18

Here are the five stories we are following today:

Joi Ito writes about how it’s time to rethink who should own and control our data in What the California Wildfires Can Teach Us About Data Sharing 

Representative Robin Kelly, D-Ill., will be introducing The Internet of Things Federal Cybersecurity Improvement Act next week, setting a bar for basic standards.

Legislation to restore net neutrality rules now has 180 supporters inthe US House of Representatives, but that’s 38 votes short of the amount needed before the end of the month.

Dipayan Ghosh and David Garrity say that the tech industry needs to engage the US policy environment

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) preliminary report into Google, Facebook and Australian news and advertising sector, laying the groundwork for the full report next year. Read a summary here.


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