Frank Dignum

Frank Dignum got his PhD at the VU in Amsterdam in 1989. Since 2019 he is Wallenberg distinguished chair in AI at Umeå University in Sweden. He also has an affiliation to Utrecht University still and since 2013 he is a honorary principal research fellow of the University of Melbourne. Since 2014 he is a EurAI fellow. He is well known for his work on norms and his theory of social agents is employed in social simulations to support policy making and e-coaching. He has organized some of the major conferences in his area and is general chair of AAMAS 2021 and program chair of Social Informatics 2020. He has given invited lectures and seminars all over the world. He published 18 books and more than 300 papers. Some current projects include a social simulation to investigate the consequences and possible scenarios of the government restrictions and measures to combat the COVID-19 virus and social simulations to support policy making for human sustainable cities.